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Pipe-Coating Insulation (PCI) Pipe Insulation Coatings are high performance materials - specially developed waterborne, non-flammable ceramic and resin formulas. These insulating products reduce surface heat on pipes carrying hot liquid, gas or steam. The Pipe Insulation Coating formulas are designed to coat surfaces from freezing temperatures up to 900°F (500°C). PCI can also:

  • Prevent the loss of conductive and radiant heat or cold from pipes and vessels
  • Optimize the temperature of fluids or gases within pipes or vessels
  • Be applied while the surface is hot or cold and in production - no downtime and loss of production hours

pcidiagram.pngPipe-Coating Insulation will hold heat or cold in a transmission pipe for longer distances than conventional wraps. It is applied by spraying directly to hot or cold operating surfaces that have previously been power cleaned or sand blasted.


Applied exclusively by experienced HVAC Armor Certified Professional Applicators. HVAC Armor PCI is an affordable green initiative that lowers energy consumption and costs.