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Houston's atmosphere provides one of the most corrosive environments to coils and fins of rooftop HVAC units. Pepsi's Sustainability group contacted EC Coatings, LLC to rejuvenate the existing condensing coils, as well as increase the performance of the HVAC units at the Bottling Plant. HVAC Armor's DX Coil Coating was chosen to recover the condenser's heat transfer capability to the original state.

The Solution

In an effort to rejuvenate the equipment, HVAC Armor was applied to the entire coil and cabinet surfaces. The aluminum impregnated coating restored deteriorated aluminum, greatly improving heat transfer. The UV resistant and hydrophobic properties of the coating further prevent corrosion, the build-up of dust and mold - allowing for easy cleaning.

Summary of Solution           

The condensers performance is evaluated pre and post renovation. An ammeter is used to measure the current drawn from the condenser. Temperature recorders are used on both sides of the cooling coils to record the difference in temperature. From the power drawn and heat transfer,the condensers Coefficient of Performance (COP) is calculated. Results show an increase in COP by 12.8%.

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