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Cooling Tower Rejuvenation coatings provides your cooling tower
with a coatings and restoration solution that can be tailored to
any facility in order to extend the life-cycle of your cooling tower.
With HVAC Armor, you will be able to not only extend the life of
your cooling tower, but delay the capital expenditure of a new
tower while minimizing maintenance costs.


  • Wide range of curing times, including Rapid Cure: dry to touch in 3 hours
  • Wet Immersion Cure, will continue to cure while under water while minimizing tower operation down time
  • Low VOC, for Solvent-Free application
  • Self-priming, surface tolerant paint systems for minimizing prep and install time while maintaining adhesion
  • Low flame spread, will prevent Cooling Tower fires
  • Spray, Hand-roll, or Brush application
  • Medium to Heavy duty coatings for varying levels of degradation

“Whether on the roof, in a parking lot, or in a field – cooling towers are often seen as the albatrosses of facility management that are normally managed by an outside vendor, rarely maintained, and run until they are no longer effective and need to be replaced.”

Applied exclusively by experienced HVAC Armor Certified Professional Applicators. HVAC Armor coatings are an affordable green initiative that saves you the cost of tower replacement.