Solution: AHU Rejuvenation

xtfan.jpgAHU Rejuvenation is what we call restoring AHU systems in-place. Most old, but recently operating, AHUs can be fixed, protected, and recommissioned. Once repaired, HVAC Armor coatings provide superior protection to corrosion and extreme weather. These finishes reject dust, dirt, and are easy to clean. Typically, the rejuvenation process adds 15 years of useful lifecycle to your equipment, so you can avoid the cost of replacing your old HVAC System.

  • Restores, Rejuvenates, & Protects HVAC cabinet supports and dunnage
  • Low VOC DTM (Direct to Metal) coating designed to meet most Green Initiatives
  • Field applied coating that can be installed in temperatures as low as 14 ⁰F & high as 140 ⁰ F
  • Field and lab tested for over 70 years to perform in the harshest chemical and environmental conditions
  • Available "Quick Cure" formula that eliminates the need for costly shutdowns while still providing exceptional protection

When fully repaired, HVAC Armor can tailor your coating protection system based on corrosivity of your environment to extend the lifecycle of your HVAC equipment.



Applied exclusively by experienced HVAC Armor Certified Professional Applicators. HVAC Armor offers an affordable green initiative that saves you the cost of cabinet replacement.